May 3, 2010

Ogi Eyewear: Re-Envisioned, Re-Launched

Ogi Elevates itself to become the bridge to luxury

Launched in 1997, the Ogi Eyewear family has made a name for itself by crafting high quality, on-trend, frames with an emphasis on affordability. Today, Ogi Eyewear has taken that philosophy one step further to become the bridge to luxury. Offering luxurious eyewear at unprecedented price points allows the chic, sought after elements of the finest eyewear collections in the world to become accessible to more offices.

To allow practitioners the ability to segment the collection into categories best suited for their office, the collection is being launched in three distinct categories: Ogi Heritage, Ogi Evolution and Ogi Innovation.

Over the years Ogi Eyewear's brand essence has grown with the trends in current culture and technology, but the company has never turned it's back on its fundamentals. The Heritage Collection embodies the spirit of Ogi’s beginning: small, colorful frames with a fresh, contemporary flair. Ogi’s heritage has been incredibly important in the evolution of the brand and to the ever-present segment of the market where these styles are still in demand. Tapping into familiar formulas of the best selling styles from the past, the newest additions to the Heritage Collection combine small, simple shapes and rich tones with subdued industrial elements.

The Evolution Collection embraces Ogi’s heritage but adds an element of distinction, appealing to a larger audience by introducing a wider range of sizes for added versatility. Additions to the Evolution Collection closely mirror the latest trends in eyewear while keeping a firm grasp on functionality. Hallmarks of this evolving category can be seen in the use of premium materials and inventive forms.

The Innovation Collection, home to Ogi's most elite models, proudly boasts the most fashion-forward additions to the Ogi collection. Inspired by the distinguishing elements of modern architecture, styles from the Innovation collection are bold, contemporary eyewear pieces designed to stand apart from the prevailing. These models deliver style and substance through the use of premium materials and diligently placed details.