November 16, 2009

Distinguishing Marks

Ogi Eyewear Launches New Pieces In Men's Collection //Ogi Eyewear 9060

As consumers carefully sift through the vast array of men's eyewear choices, three factors will most likely dictate their purchase: style, quality and price. Ogi Eyewear finds itself in the forefront of all three categories as they continue to release high quality, on-trend products at unparalleled price points.

The newest additions to Ogi's men's collection are finely crafted to reflect the sensibility and taste sought after in today's challenging economic times. Every new model in the men's collection was designed with a fashion forward mentality but was also designed to be large enough to accommodate a progressive lens. Each style perfectly balances form and function to create a refined look that fits comfortably within a range of budgets, needs and preferences.

Distinct shapes and vibrant colors can be found on new zyl models including the 9060. Available in black on crystal, brown demi, gray on white fog, tortoise ripple, and blue demi, the 9060 is a bold, eye-catching style made out of premium Italian zyl. Another standout in the collection is the sharp and angular 9602. The soft matte metal front combined with a thin colorful stripe give the 9602 a classic feel with a shot of contemporary flavor. It is available in four masculine color combinations, consisting of black/blue, brown/copper, gray/black and dark gunmetal/gray. Each sophisticated color combination adds a unique element of expression and completes the look of a finely dressed modern man.

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